It’s officially Summer – yay !

South Coast Summer Art Print by Lin Pattullo

Hope you have a wonderful vacation now that Summer has officially arrived ! Kids finish school soon, and the Summer camps and play schemes start. Most people are looking forward to a few weeks away – be it abroad or at home.

So we thought we would get into that Summer Mood by thinking about what reminds us of Summer, and the general consensus was bright blue skies, colourful and bright clothes, candyfloss, suntan lotion and the smell of coconut – although we were not sure if the smell of coconut was to do with a Pina Colada or  the sun lotion ?

So here goes. In no particular order –

Summer Colours Gift Mug by Colin Robertson, because the scene is summery. A hazy day and we could by pic-nicking in that field and listening to the bees buzzing between the flowers.

Edinburgh Castle in Summer – Open Edition Lithographic Art Poster by Rob Hain. Chosen because we love visiting Edinburgh and the hustle and bustle of tourists and shops in good Scottish Summer weather is great fun !

Summer Snooze – Limited Edition Giclee Art Print by Lin Pattullo. I think we all have memories like this from time spent abroad. You sit by the beach with every intention of reading that book, and then ZZZZZzzzzzzz !

Summer Bunting Party Invitation, Let’s get this party started. Outdoors in the Summer sun, with a BBQ or some party cake and something fizzy. Summer is where it’s at ! Who needs an excuse for a party.

Summer’s Day, Crail – Limited Edition Giclee Art Print by Peter Foyle. If it’s a gorgeous day in Scotland, then it’s always a must to take a wee trip on a boat, or a stroll by the harbour-side – usually followed by a fish tea !

South Coast Summer – Limited Edition Giclee Art Print by Lin Pattullo. A typical seaside Summer scene. This print brings back memories of a holiday to Cornwall, and an itsy bitsy teeny weeny orange poka dot bikini – mind you the wife was only about 6 years old at the time and the photograph – priceless !

Large at Largs – Signed Limited Edition Giclee Print by Marion Adie. Largs is not that far away from us and for many years we have taken a trip to Largs, either by PS Waverly or car. It’s become a tradition to have a stroll along the prom and then an ice cream, no-matter the weather.

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