We’re in Print at Clyde Life Magazine

Clyde Life magazine are committed to supporting local businesses and encourage local people to use local business services. So, when we were contacted by Ellen Arnison from Clyde Life, we were very excited that she asked to include us in her blog round-up.

Ellen’s article,  A Raft of Blogs centers on local news in blogs. Ellen writes,

“For a while the Tall Ships fleet dominated the coastline and hearts and minds of local people. It’s no surprise then that the Tall Ships have dominated local blogs too.”

The Tall Ships event and it’s location at the James Watt Dock in Greenock, certainly roused many locals about the historic dockland sugar sheds. This drive lead to the creation of  “Keep Greenock’s Sugar Sheds A Community Space” on Facebook and mixed reaction articles in the local paper.

Find out what our fellow bloggers had to say in Issue 2 August 2011 of the Clyde Life Magazine, through your door now !

Clyde Life Magazine | Bay Attic | Local Artist Raymond Murray