It’s snow joke !

I hear many a sigh today because it has begun to snow ! Our location on the West coast of Scotland is idyllic, but we are in a rather hilly area, and the littlest dusting of snow can cause major disruption to transport around here.

This morning, we gingerly drove around Greenock, taking an alternative route due to our convenient route being closed, not because of snow but because of building work.

To be honest, a few delays and disruption – I classed as being a lucky escape compared to the builders and surveyors, in high visibility jackets, I saw working outside in the cold and sleet snow, behind the “Road Closed” signs and bollards this morning.

So, its snow joke (sorry I had to say it !) that my post today reflects the weather, as I listen to the radio, while I am working I may add, the forecast is for more snow.

Why does everyone get so annoyed with the weather, it’s that time of year. Other countries have much more snow than us and they are prepared for it, so get used to it people – prepare for the weather and if you can work from home do so – if necessary. If you need to travel, be sensible !

The weather isn’t all bad. Many of our artists have used the snowy weather as their inspiration. So, why not take a look and see what Paul Cooklin, Clare Mackie, John Bathgate and Colin Robertson have made of the wintery weather !

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