Fifty Shades of Grey in Art

Our Art at Bay Attic may not be as daring as the EL James trilogy, but there are probably at least fifty shades of grey in some of the artwork in our Gallery !

As EL James sees her debut book Fifty Shades Of Grey become the first to sell more than one million copies for Amazon’s Kindle*, never mind the paperback copies –  we at Bay Attic, thought we might look and see what art in our Gallery could get your attention through the use of colour, medium and subject !

Art has been used for centuries to evoke.  Be it to shock, bemuse or inspire. From postulating to propaganda, advertising to awareness – controversy is nothing new in art, literary works or design.

Our selection of art may get your pulse racing for very different reasons due to the artists use of colour, medium and subject but, as always, art will certainly get you talking.

Birch Trees by Loch Lomond –
Limited Edition Giclee Art Print by Judith I Bridgland

  • Judith paints natural forms with a touch of abstraction in a bold, vigorous style using oils as her medium.

Kildonan Hedges, Arran –
Signed Limited Edition Giclee Art Print by Nancy Turnbull

  • Nancy uses very little brush work, preferring to apply the paint with a knife and fingers to achieve a rough, textured effect. Her palette is soft and muted reflecting the changing tones of the Scottish landscape in all seasons.

Falkirk News –
Limited Edition Giclee Art Print by Tony Montague

  • Tony concentrates mainly on acrylic painting and collage, frequently combining both. He has developed an interesting series of collage works using only newspaper and ink.

Champage D’Amour –
Open Edition Giclee Art Print by Clare Mackie

  • Clare was told she was “too quirky” by most who did not get her work (not everyone does and not everyone should).

The Studio, Paris –
Signed Limited Edition Giclee Art Print by Myer Lacome

  •  The major art influencies in his life include Rembrandt, Monet, Matisse, Picasso (whom he met briefly), Mondrian, Rothko and Motherwell.

Source/Press Association*

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