A recent walk showed how lush the countryside is – all this cold and wet weather helps to keep everything green !


Tidal Stripes to Rorys Tiger and more


I am delighted to share these with you today, and I hope you like them too. Wonderful gift mugs from artist Ingrid Nilsson.

Ingrid is based in Edinburgh, she grew up in London, but her childhood travels to Scotland paved the way for her move there in the mid nineties.

She has been exhibiting locally, and in England for the last 15 years.

In 2011 Ingrid and partner Stuart opened Gallery-Cafe ‘Bon Papillon’ in the heart of Edinburgh’s ‘art quarter’. From here Ingrid paints and Stuart runs his framing workshop.

I can highly recommend the coffee and scones !

*Quote from Ingrid’s webpage biography.

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Evening Light

A blissful few moments to be captivated, by the beautiful evening sunset on the Clyde Coast at Gourock – last night.

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Achoo !


I have the cold – so does Mr. Bay Attic. Probably not something that I would normally share with you, but it’s getting frustrating. It’s the sneezing more than anything else. The worst sneezes are the hovering, tingling ones that start to twitch your eye – in turn your eye starts to water – then nothing, no sneeze. Then a lull – relief that the sneeze has gone –  ACHOO! – a cacophony of repeated sneezing at the most in-opportune moment – grrrrrrr !!!!!

Anyway, enough of this – when your, your own boss – you just need to get on with it , with a little help from Lemsip.

Wishing you a sneeze free day with warm hugs x