The Wool Trade – 5 Minute Stories

Moy MackayLincoln Longwool

Lincoln Longwool by Moy Mackay

“There was money to be had in this job”, thought Robin. The wool trade was still a lucrative business in 3015, even though sheep had long been extinct due to the Octavarian larva infestation of 2098. Wool was now a concoction of’ ‘ingredients’ (just don’t ask) mixed with human hair. “Let’s not get into the human hair business”, he snorted to himself. “That’s dangerous”.

As Robin pondered his business venture, he heard a knock at the door. It was Onyx, his best friend. She stood outside waiting for him to answer the door – he knew this because as she approached the door of his pod, her image flashed on his mobile.

The Wool Trade – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this story was ‘wool’, and really what instantly came to me was the beautiful work in felt and stitch from Moy Mackay. In particular her Lincoln Longwool creation, which if I recall was actually made using the wool from the very sheep depicted in the artwork.
There are also a couple of other works which follow the sheep theme, Glenkinnon Ram and Rough Fell. I have visited Moy’s Gallery in Peebles and I just love her work. Oh! Enough of me getting distracted. Here’s a bit more about Moy.

About the Artist

Moy Mackay is a Scottish Borders based artist combining traditional felting techniques with Merino tops to create her work. The main inspiration for Moy’s work is her surroundings in the rural heart of the beautiful Tweed Valley.

Moy was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1966 and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1990 with a BA (Hons) degree in Design.

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The Resident Monster – 5 Minute Stories

As he sat in his creative writing class, Larry’s mind was completely blank. The resident monster, in fact the only monster at this school, was suffering from writers block since his arrival. Starting a new school was never easy his parents had told him but, when you arrive from another planet – it’s worse !

The kids in his class had not exactly been welcoming.




had been among the nicest things the kids had called him.

The thing was, Larry had a universe of experiences to call upon and he still couldn’t think of anything to write.

Sunfire by Dronma

Sunfire by Dronma

Maybe it was Protracted-Dimensional-Queasiness (PDQ-lag, for short), the trip from M3196-II, at SUPER-hypersonic-lickety-split-speed, was only permitted under extreme circumstances. Larry had an everlasting feeling that some part of him was still meandering in the transitory-funnel. His journey had been so swift, he had blinked and missed it !

The Resident Monster – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this story was “monster”. The story came to me before the art image, so I thought about Larry’s home planet and what it may look like. This made me think how alien earth can seem – the difference between the Scottish landscape and the lava fields at the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya and Montañas del Fuego (Fire Mountains) in Lanzarote, are just one contrast that springs to mind. I also thought about the affects the weather has on my local landscape, how it can look totally different because of the time of day or season. Fabulous qualities like these (and many more) artist Dronma incorporates into her work – Sunfire – is just one example.

Dronma’s unusual name is her Tibetan Buddhist name, since becoming a Tibetan Buddhist in 1976. Her expressive landscapes may be wild and windswept, but they also gleam with an inner light. ” I love the changing moods of light, colour and atmosphere, and I am fascinated with the vibrancy of change, the point of ‘in-between’.”

I hope you enjoyed today’s story.

If you want to play along here’s the first story, Henry, Jane and Haggis with instructions on how to play.

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This isn’t bloomin’ Hogwarts – 5 Minute Stories

Peter Foyle - Queen Street Station

Queen Street Station by Peter Foyle

“Where am I supposed to be ?”, thought Lucy, “This isn’t bloomin’ Hogwarts !” she cussed under her breath. “This train station is a rabbit warren.”

“Can I help you Miss ?”, a kind voice asked.

Lucy spun round on the spot to see a young man, in a smart station guard uniform, looking at her. She didn’t answer him quickly because all she could see were his dark brown eyes. They mesmerised her, and his helpful smile – well she could have fainted on the spot !

“Y – Yes”, she stammered. Then before she uttered another word, she took a deep breath. In her head she said “Get a grip Lucy – behave yourself”, and thankfully – out loud she managed to reply. “I’m looking for Platform 12″

The guard smiled again and held out a welcoming hand.

This isn’t bloomin’ Hogwarts – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this story was “station”. To be honest, I couldn’t think of anything else but Hogwarts. I decided that to use Hogwarts was far too obvious – so, in my frantic 5 minutes of writing I thought of Glasgow Central Station and Queen Street Station in Glasgow City Centre – and hey presto ! Peter Foyle Queen Street Station was in my mind.

Much of Peter’s work depicts rural life in harbours and villages around the country but he has recently been inspired by the buildings and street scenes of Glasgow. His ability to capture light – often on wet days – has resulted in rich, vibrant paintings which are proving very popular.

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Strong and Bold

What a beautiful, bright morning. Green and Blue for miles outside the window.

Have a good week ahead and enjoy this colourful print with your morning coffee and commute.


Summer Trees by Sarah Anderson


Sarah grew up in Galloway (South West Scotland) surrounded by peaceful woodland, rugged moorland and beautiful coastline. From an early age her Mother, an art teacher at the school, nurtured her interest in painting.

Anderson graduated from Edinburgh University with an M.A. (Hons) in Fine Art in 1999. A very successful degree show inspired her to commit to painting. Sarah primarily paints in a studio which she shares with other artists.

Sarah’s inspiration is derived from the magnificent Scottish landscape, particularly the west coast. The recurring themes in her work reflect the dramatic effects of weather on the mountains and shorelines.

The changing light and atmospheric effects have provided endless ideas and Sarah seeks to capture something of that. Her palette is strong coloured with a wide tonal range, principally in oils. The physical act of painting is important to her with paint surface a prominent element as she strives for simplicity of form and overall unity. The paintings Sarah has recently completed attempt to envelop the viewer in the prevailing atmosphere.

Summer Trees by Sarah Anderson – strong and bold :: Sarah Anderson Art :: Bay Attic.

Get Back on the Horse – 5 Minute Stories

Horse at the run gift mug by Diana Hand

Horse at the run gift mug by Diana Hand

A treat today from our guest writer Diane, whom we roped into playing our 5 Minute Story game.

It was a bad injury, I’d had lots of injuries over the years, but when I fell off Magnus during the horse trials, I’d buggered my knee cap – well and truly !

“Get back on the horse!”, screeched Maggie, she never let me off with anything. Constantly pushing me when I desperately wanted to be left in peace.

Magnus stared at me from across the paddock. Who said horses couldn’t talk – if you had ever met this animal, you could tell his look spoke a thousand words. I just hope my look back at him spoke as much. I just couldn’t get back on him and I desperately hoped he understood.

Get Back on the Horse – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this story was “knee cap”, and instantly, the thought of Diana Hand’s beautiful drawings, conveying such movement and emotion through her art, was in my thoughts.

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