Day Dreamer – 5 Minute Stories

What a crazy kind of day. Sunshine, showers, snow, hailstones, but my favourite of all CLOUDS! It was a brilliant cloudy day today. Bilious, fluffy white cotton balls drifted above – the kind of day when you could see Auntie Sandra pass over-head. “Oh! No, wait a sec, her nose has just met another cloud and she’s now got a super schnoz – it’s like she’s gone to Burger King and got a supersized nose!”

Robert Kelsey - Windy Beaches on Harris

Windy Beaches on Harris – Limited Edition Giclee Art Print by Robert Kelsey

I love to just lie in the park and stare up at the sky. I see lot’s of people and animals floating past me. In fact, I’ve just spotted a new creature, a fish. It’s got a long . . .

Day Dreamer – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word for this story today was “clouds”, and written by our gallery visitor Diane. I am not sure if we shall ever know what kind of new fish creature she has discovered, as the timer stopped her creative writing mid flow.  But, an artist instantly came to mind – Robert Kelsey. He paints some amazing coastline vistas with blue skies and atmospheric clouds.

About the Artist.

Robert was born in Glasgow 1949. Studied at Glasgow School of Art 1966-1970.

Much of Robert’s inspiration comes from the land and seascapes to be found on the West coast of Scotland, near Arisaig, and in particular, the coasts around the islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Robert’s Grandparents were School teachers on Barra at the turn of the last century and his father was born on the Island in 1906. On a visit to the island some years ago he enjoyed the experience of arriving in a tiny plane, and landing on the cockle strand airstrip with salt spray splashing the windows. Seconds later, walking on the sand, he was overcome by the beauty of his surroundings. A vast flat beach, sparkling emerald water, and a huge sky.

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The Last Sea-Going Paddle Steamer

The Last Sea-Going Paddle Steamer A3 Poster by Raymond Murray

It’s a beautiful day for a wee sail “Doon the Watter”. P.S. Waverley will be sailing the River Clyde until 30th August and can be boarded not far from us at Custom House Quay, Greenock or further down the coast at Largs Pier.

She is a sight to behold, and passes our window often during her Summer on the Clyde. A few years ago, I took this video while on board of the engine room and her steam engine made by Rankin & Blackmore, Engineers, Eagle Foundry, in Greenock.

So, go for a sail. Enjoy a great day out with fantastic scenery in the company of this majestic Lady.

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The Last Sea Going Paddle Steamer

Billy Bob Penguin – 5 Minute Stories

John Bathgate - The Storr in Snow

The Storr in Snow – Limited Edition Giclee Art Print by John Bathgate

Billy Bob never fitted in among the other penguins, while most of the group listened to Bjork and other experimental Nordic groups, his heart had always lay in Country. He felt the heart-ache deep inside himself, he often walked to the human’s hut to listen to Whispering Bob Harris  on Radio 2.

There had been a group of Texan’s working on a drilling rig near-by, and a few years back Billy Bob had liberated a Stetson from one of the least intelligent.

He imagined himself in the deep South Louisiana by-way, sitting on his rocking chair listening to Emmylou Harris.

Billy Bob Penguin – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this 5 minute story was Penguin, a tricky subject me thinks, Penguins and art – but, hey Presto, the good old Scottish weather made me think about snow, the North of Scotland and eventually the Isle of Skye, and to this wintry scene – The Storr in Snow by John Bathgate. Hope you enjoyed the read!

About the Artist

John Bathgate works from his studio at Roskhill, just south of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. A borderer by birth, his love of the rugged and wilder country of Scotland’s north-west saw him move to Skye in 1992 and it is this landscape which inspires his work.

Most of his ideas are gleaned from walking in the landscape recording details in sketchbooks, drawing in pencil and watercolour crayons to give a “loose, washy account of my ramblings”. It may be a panoramic view, or a cluster of trees and houses, often it is smaller details like dry-stone dykes or a tangle of seaweed on rocks. Back in the studio he can concentrate on the paintings without the difficulty of the elements, a necessity in a highland environment. On occasions some images arrive on their own with no preliminary drawings or at times when an accumulation of work starts a flow of ideas. As he says himself, “I like to have an open mind and try any new ideas that come my way, I am always learning”.

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